Scopri i trend del mercato globale della componentistica elettronica in questi primi mesi del 2016, e le opinioni sulla chiusura del 2015, nelle parole dei rappresentanti delle associazioni federate a IDEA (International Distributor of Electronics Association), che, nella sua Newsletter 1/2016, propone i seguenti articoli:

  • CEDA reveals 2015 Top 50 China franchised distributors
  • Q4 2015. A reasonable quarter to end a good year and a positive book:bill!
  • The Real Top 10 Connector Manufacturers
  • 20th edition of the “Trophée du SPDEI”
  • UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 more legislation for the Electronic Components Supply Network…
  • In force with immediate effect: Revised German ElektroG and new scale of fees applying to the Act!
  • Top5 SSL TechTrends to look out for in 2016
  • Start-up Promoting Innovation
  • Scandinavian Electronics Event, April 19-21 in Stockholm
  • South African electronics industry expo: SAIE expo 2016
  • Russian new challenges

Scarica la IDEA Newsletter 1/2016

Laura Baronchelli

ASSODEL (Associazione Distretti Elettronica – Italia)

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